Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Monday, 21 February 2011

Still Wagging

I can only apologise for my lack of posts. I've had more pressing business to take care of. We've moved house so I now have a big garden to guard and I've had to get used to a whole new place to sleep in.

BUT, more importantly I've had to look after my mummy who is having a baby. I'm not sure what exactly this 'baby' thing is but I do know it has a lot of stuff and a very comfy looking bed of it's own. This baby thing is due to arrive at the end of this week. I've already had a good listen to it as I like to sit with my head placed gently on mummy's big tummy.

No doubt my life is about to change, a lot but at the minute I'm getting spoiled and am allowed to sit on the sofa because, apparently it "stops me from whining". I'm not sure what they mean by "whining" but I'm going to have to find out and use this to my advantage some more.

Hope you're all ok, Dudley x