Monday, 25 May 2009

Hunting in the Sunshine

Mummy and Daddy don't like me hunting, but that doesn't stop me trying whenever I get chance. It's been lovely and sunny so I've been able to explore with the sun on my back.

I looked round for something to chase.
I didn't see anything so I tried to search a little higher up.
I found nothing so looked to the right and the left.
Then I searched high...... and low.
I found nothing, and eventually Mummy and Daddy called me back.
They told me I was naughty to look for things to chase.
So I sat like a good boy, and only took a sneaky look at passing creatures.


  1. Hey Dudley,

    Lucky you got to go outback and enjoy the sunshine over the weekend! I love the blue skies you have there.

  2. Thanks Otso! It was a very blue sky and I enjoyed it a lot!