Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Home Improvements Are Such A Drag

Mummy and Daddy have been running around trying to make our place look nicer, they've bought all sorts of new things. There's a new chair and a new sofa which I'm not allowed on despite the fact that the sofa is far bigger than the last one. There's a new computer desk and then this metal prison thing at one of the doors. I've heard them call it a 'veranda' as far as I can tell this must be French or something for 'torture device' as it allows me to see passing creatures but stops me from getting to chase them. While they were running round assembling all this new furniture I just took it easy, well there's no point getting worked up about these changes is there?


  1. Looks like you are takin' all those drastic changes in stride, Dudley. I'm sure you've figured out that the newness will wear off eventually and you will be King of the New Couch! As for that torture device, that sounds downright mean. Maybe ignore it and it will go away.

    Chester ;0=)