Friday, 18 September 2009

Morning Cheer

I'm an angel, ask anyone and they'll tell you. you only have to look at me. Here, look:It's just sometimes I have a cheeky side, a playful side. Unfortunately, it's not always well-received. Take this morning, for instance. I got out of the door to get into the car far the usually drive to my Granny's. My mummy looked sleepy and a bit annoyed so I thought I'd cheer her up while also waking her up with a little bit of fun. Mummy opened the car door.

"Dudley, get in" she said, as she always does.

I took this as my cue to run around the garden skipping merrily past my Mummy.

"Dudley, get in" she said, angrily.

'Oh, I get it' I thought, 'she doesn't get it's a game' So I ran to the car door, then shot back round the garden for another lap. Daddy had come out of the house now to start up his motorbike and was also shouting at me to get in the car.

"Dudley, get in, or I will go without you" she said, growling at me through her teeth and starting the engine. I took another lap around the car.

Mummy and Daddy suddenly saw the fun side of this game and started laughing loudly so I ran straight into the back seat of the car wagging happily.


  1. You have to keep them on their toes! I do just the opposite. After we go for a ride in the car I won't get out. I am not sure if that is much of a game as last week I fell asleep in the car in the garage for about an hour.


  2. Way to make the 2 leggers slow down and enjoy life, Dudley. Otherwise they woulda went off and been all grumpy all day. Good for you and good for them for seein' that they shouldn't take things so seriously.

    Have a playfully angelic weekend!
    Chester ;0=)

  3. Way to teach them how to play the game! I say you won this round, Dudley!

  4. That face! I get the Greyhound charm vibe you're throwing off. :)
    At least you did not drop a bomb in the car. Could you teach Nigel to do the same?

  5. Mango - I'm far from a sleepy head in the car. I feel no journey is complete without my wonderful singing. You should hear my '10 Green Bottles'

    Chester - It did cheer them up, which is what I'm here for, most of the time...

    Houndstooth - I did win, I've been taking it easier this week, but I will treat them to round 2 soon!

    Life with Dogs - Oh, I do do that, just not this time! :-)