Friday, 22 May 2009

In Disguise

Shhh! You ain't seen me. I am in disguise, as a Romanian woman. I'm hiding from the gravy bone police who believe I am the perpetrator of a very serious theft. No less than 4 gravy bones were stolen from an undisclosed location by a suspect described as "hairy."It was not me. I did not do it...

..OK, I did.


  1. You had me going until you 'fessed up at the end. GREAT disguise-I did not recognize you!

    *Even GREATER thiefin'!!!

    Woofs and bony slobbers,

  2. I am a master of disguise and an excellent dog-burglar. I once managed to steal the cheese off my Mummy's crackers when she wasn't looking! I got a telling off but my was that cheese tasty!

  3. The Master of Disguises for sure!!!