Monday, 1 June 2009

Rhosneigr Trip (part 1)

I've been on holiday in Rhosneigr which is why I haven't posted for a bit. We stayed at a campsite near RAF Valley, planes were flying in formation overhead and swooping low over the campsite as they came in to land. It was quite noisy.But, as you can see, it didn't bother me, although I did steal my Daddy's hat so I could pretend it was me that was in charge of the planes. Here is me plotting to take over the world:
I love camping!


  1. If anybody can turn this world around, it would be you, Dudley. You are one calm, cool, collected dawg!

    Happy camping!

  2. ZAck and Sassy are going on a very long camping trip soon...and it will be very quiet...pack your tent and join them....

  3. Thanks Chester , if I were in charge it would be free biscuits and bones for everyone!

    I'd love to join you camping Jack and Sassy, it's my faourite thing!

  4. Oh Yes ! Camping - yum, yum yum!

  5. Hi Otso! Yes camping is the best fun. I love relaxing anywhere just so long as I've got my bed I'm happy!