Monday, 12 April 2010


I'm sorry for the lack of posts it's just I've been too busy to get to the computer. It's been eventful and luckily I've managed to sway Mummy and Daddy away from getting a puppy. The email I anonymously sent them containing this photo went some way to scuppering that!I've been away with Mummy and Daddy to the beach, both the West Coast, near Morecambe and the East Coast, near Bridlington where I got to run about on the beach and even opted to get my feet wet. I don't really like it as it feels weird but Daddy looked very pleased when I did it. I also spent a lot of time running around the moors near my home. Here's me by a pond on the moor.Anyway I'm happy today as I'm spending the day with my Daddy, I've been walking round the moors again.

Hope you're all happy!


  1. I think you found the perfect deterrent to getting a puppy! Two dew claws up!

    I would love going to the beach and running around!


  2. I miss the beach now, Mummy and Daddy are back at work :-(